Our coffee shop does not have “Recommendations that fit all”.

When customers ask “What is your recommendation?”, we first ask “What is your favorite taste like?”. I do have my favorite coffee beans, but it is just my preference. We would like you to find your favorite coffee from the variety of beans that we roast. This is why we do not recommend particular coffee without knowing your preference.

The taste of coffee is classified into two types, “sour” and “bitter”. We start off with those taste preferences and will help you find your favorite coffee.

Quest for "Deliciousness"

Customers who tried our coffee for the first time are often amazed by its crispness. This is something to do with “zatsumi” and sweetness.

We try our best to get rid of unfavorable taste, which is called “Zatsumi” in Japanese. People tend to first feel discomfort with an unfavorable taste rather than pleasantness. To enjoy a deeper taste of deliciousness, it is important to remove unnecessary ingredients. The major causes of “zatsumi” taste are defective beans from mold and insects. These defective beans can ruin the original flavor. Mamegen obtains raw coffee beans certified as “Specialty Coffee”. Following international standard for cultivation, these specialty coffee beans are acclaimed for its quality.  These high quality raw beans are from plantations which have high standards of cultivation, harvesting, sorting, storing, and transportation.

After obtaining these specialty beans, we roast our beans carefully to maximize their sweetness. Just as the taste of good white rice is often described as sweet, we feel that the sweetness of the coffee determines its flavor. We try to roast our beans to enhance its sweetness.

As we try to get rid of “zatsumi” and optimize sweetness, we can create surprisingly crisp and flavorful coffee, which is often an easy-to-drink coffee. It takes a lot of work from bean cultivation to roasting to deliver our special coffee, and we are proud to offer our flavorful coffee to our patrons.

Coffee Is All We Do.

Although the eat-in café section is currently closed, we continue to sell our beans and brew our coffee for take-out. We do not offer typical café items such as toast and pastas.

We want to focus on finding the best coffee for our customers, and we decided to offer only coffee and a limited quantity of cakes.  Please come in for a cup of freshly brewed coffee. We carry a variety of single origin coffees as well as special blends.